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The Full Story

Well my dear friends, it has been 10 years or maybe longer that I’ve been leading Prayer & Contemplation groups.  It began when I had the Spiritual Retreat Center in Enumclaw, WA, continued at the Women’s Spirit Center in Bellevue, WA and then in person and on Zoom, here in Bend, OR.  It has been a beautiful journey and I’m so grateful for each of you who showed up along the way.  Through our mutual sharing and insights, I’ve learned so much and have been blessed beyond measure.  It is true isn’t it?…”We are all just walking each other Home!” 

In my personal prayer and contemplation time recently I’ve come to understand that It Is time…

Time to let go of these monthly recorded sessions.  I’m feeling called to “Inhale”.  I don’t have words for it exactly.  Other than to tell you that I’m deeply immersed in prayer, study and inner exploration.  And that is enough for right now.  It seems like the exhale will come naturally and rather than in the form of monthly offerings…..perhaps it will simply be during a conversation with a friend or while volunteering with Fynlee, my sweet pup.  I truly have no idea where I will be led.  I just know it is time to loosen the grip and inhale.

I am still  available as a one-on-one Spiritual Companion and would love to join you on your journey.  For more information click here.  If you'd like to determine whether a Spiritual Companion is right for you...schedule a free one time session.  Contact me here.

Thank you for sitting with me over the years in the Presence of the Holy.  I am forever grateful for you!   I leave you with this from John O’Donohue:


May all that is unforgiven in you

Be released.

May your fears yield 

Their deepest tranquillities.

May all that is unlived in you

Blossom into a future 

Graced with love.

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