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Coming Out & Celebrating

The ultimate “attention getter”! How many times do we stop in our tracks when yet another person has announced they are “coming out”? Sometimes we’re surprised and other times we say, “Of course!” But how often do we consider the painful journey from hidden to the bravery of authentic? How many times have we wrapped the entire “announcement” around sexual preference and dismissed the beauty of a heart unveiled?

In the past few months I have had three people in my life “come out” to a group I was in. Before I was ever told of their sexual preference I had an immediate pull toward them. Something about them was magnetic and in their presence I could easily be myself. There was a uniqueness of light-heartedness as well as a penetrating depth in each of them. When I became aware of the “secret” they had once held, my attraction to them became obvious. Just as we are attracted to a rose that slowly unfolds in the light, these beautiful souls were becoming more and more of who they were created to be.

So what if we all “came out”? What if we looked far beyond our sexuality and dug deep into the core of our being where only Love exists? What if we asked ourselves, “Who was I before I took on others beliefs? Who was I before uncontrollable circumstances took over my life? Who was I before someone defined what ‘success' is? Who was I before I compared myself to another? Who was I before I started believing the lies?”

What would we add to life if each of us became our authentic selves, unhidden? What would our families look like? What would our communities look like? …..our nation? ……our world? And yes, even politics! Can you even imagine what life would look like if we all operated from a place of Love?

Here’s what I know for sure…..I can’t change you and I can’t change the world with words. But there is something far reaching when I change the way I live out my life. When I operate out of Love rather than fear, it affects not only my own well-being, but also yours. We are all connected. I call it the Cosmic Christ. You may call it the Universe, Energy, or God. What happens in one life, affects all of life.

So here’s our challenge……how can we ALL “come out”? There’s a celebration waiting to happen! Let's become our beautiful, unique selves and shock those around us who never knew!

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