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If Hope is nothing something I "do"... then what is it?

My thoughts.... In the Big Picture, where does HOPE live? I want to suggest that it comes from a spiritual place rather than something I am doing. It comes to me, rather than me going after it. Thus, it seems HOPE is tied to surrender.

The thing that keeps me struggling and immersed in hopelessness is grasping and clinging to my thoughts. However, if I surrender to the situation or the present moment, it is a game changer. All that struggling in the midst of difficulty is the exact opposite of what takes me to where I want to be. Trying to THINK my way out has proven, more often than not, to be a disaster.

So I am learning that as I surrender (let go) and my mind gets quieter and quieter it is as if Something within me is being lifted up in a feeling….a Knowing. I begin to see what I am looking for. When there is less of me THINKING…there is more HOPE…more possibilities.

This is what I know: letting go is key. When I surrender I am engaging in my Spiritual Self.

“Now” or “Presence” is also a form of surrender. When I am present and in the now, it means that I am no longer caught in the chaotic THINKING mind. In the letting go of the intellect, I am falling into the Heart of Life….a place where I am touched by my spiritual wisdom and where newness, love and compassion, all exists.

But here is the thing. Every day I still experience all of the emotions and feelings of my humanness, including feelings of angst, sorrow, fear, and anger. That is part of the human experience. But what if these feelings were merely a friendly reminder of the Wisdom within? (The Wisdom that each one of us inhabits.) Perhaps relaxing into my Wisdom is where HOPE lives.

I believe we each have what we are looking for, but we spend time looking in the direction of our THINKING. However, what we are longing for lies beneath our thinking. It is in the quieting of our minds where we find what we are looking for.

And so it is!

Won’t you join me this month, as together we spend time in the quietude of our Wisdom? Perhaps together we will all experience more HOPE!

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