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But first I want to speak of an obvious behavior of mine. I am reactive. I am beautifully reactive. I’m learning to embrace it and not be shamed by it. It is that lively part of my personality. When something hits me wrong I’m quick to react. Yet, when something moves me toward what feels good and right, I RESPOND, rather than react. It happened twice this week and both times I realized how uncomfortable it made two of my fairly new acquaintances. On separate occasions when I hugged my new friend good-bye I said, “Love ya.” I could feel the uncomfortable resistance as if they didn’t know what to do with that. It would appear in our society that LOVE has to earn its place in a relationship. There needs to be a certain amount of time passed before LOVE is allowed.

I CALL “BULL....”!!! (Yes! That would be REACTIVE!)

There is no escaping LOVE. LOVE is. In each case before giving a hug I had just spent time seeing the LOVE in them beyond any words spoken. I could feel their Innate Beauty and Wisdom. LOVE in me responded. When I am Present and not trying to be or act a certain way, my natural state beneath all thinking IS Love. I'm not trying to be present, I just am. I am accepting, nonjudgmental and I know I am enough and so are they!

Now the question is, “Can I be at peace with however responding to our time together landed on them or will my ego try to convince me not to do that again?"

My prayer for all of us is that we know how deeply and beautifully we are LOVED and are LOVE. We don’t have to wait. We already are.

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