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Prayer & Contemplation Recordings

Monthly Recordings

Sent via email and posted on Website

Available for download

Second Thursday​ of each Month



Prayer & Contemplation

These hour long recordings include prayer, breathing and relaxation, Lectio Divina (Guided Meditation), and time to reflect either by writing, sketching or sitting in quietude.  They are designed for those who are intentionally seeking peace and authentic transformation.


We live in a world of busyness, chaos and multi-tasking, believing "the more I am able to do, the more my life matters."  Yet, if we were present with our hearts and in our minds, stress, anxiety and self-loathing, would cease to be the norm and we would find we are enough.

What would it be like to really hear beyond the words spoken? What if our minds weren't racing, but rather embracing the present moment?  What would it mean to be still and know?  When our minds are quieted we are able to operate more often from our Inner Wisdom.  Perhaps that is the meaning of "Peace beyond all understanding."


Through Prayer and Contemplation Recordings you will also experience the ancient method of Lectio Divina where you will guided in a reflective meditation.  It is an opportunity to softly listen to your deeper Knowing.

Are you ready?

Now is the time!

​For more information or questions contact Ricky.

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