Deep Listening


Have you ever wished there was a place where you could go for safe, spiritual conversation without worrying about what you should or shouldn't share?  Would you love to hear from others what is unfolding in them?  Are you open, inclusive, curious and wanting to learn more about this spiritual journey we are all on?  What would it feel like to know that you really are okay, just as you are?  Do you have more questions than answers and what if that is okay? 

Beginning in September, 2021,  I will be offering spiritual conversation through DEEP LISTENING, a small group gathering, on Zoom once a month.  I am limiting it to seven participants, plus myself.  Each month I will send out a reflection question.  This will help start our conversation, but not limit us.  We will go where the Spirit leads us.


As most of you know, my training is in Spiritual Direction. My desire is to be a spiritual companion wherever life takes me.  Although I’ve enjoyed one on one companioning along the way, my deeper desire is to facilitate spiritual conversation in a group setting.  My vision is to have a group of diverse, open-minded participants who long to have a safe place to ask questions, share spiritual challenges and/or their celebrations. 

What “Deep Listening” is…

.  First and foremost it is staying present.  Staying present to one another as hearts are shared.  (It is listening from the heart rather than the over-thinking mind.)

.  It is staying present to what is unfolding within.

.  It is a group made up of participants who acknowledge a Power Greater than themselves.

.  It is a place of acceptance regardless of religious or non-religious affiliation.

.  It is a place where all sharing is held confidentially.

.  It is a place where friendships and spiritual bonds are formed.

What “Deep Listening” is not…

.  It is not therapy!

.  It is not coaching!

.  It is not pastoral counseling!

.  It is not a place to fix or get “fixed”!

.  It is not a place for judgement!

.  It is not a place to “save” someone else!

Ideas for preparation each month…

.  You may be reading a spiritual book or daily reflections that sparks something inside you…

.  You may be wrestling with a religious or spiritual concept…

.  Perhaps you are more “awake” and at peace then ever before and would like to share this part of your journey…

.  Maybe you are riding on empty and need some inspiration…

.  Do you feel judged or misunderstood regarding your faith?  Write a paragraph about that and bring it with you…

.  Perhaps you feel you have nothing to share but would like to show up and listen deeply!

I hope this offering is resonating with you.  If you believe you would like to be a part of Deep Listening, I’m asking that you email me with a paragraph on why this would be beneficial to you at this time and in one sentence, how you would describe your spiritual journey, thus far.  

Suggested donation: $10 per month