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10 Reasons to consider
Spiritual Companionship


  1. Explore and learn how to embrace your True Essence.

  2. Live from a deeper understanding of Life.

  3. Deepen your relationship to the Source of all Life.

  4. Share joys, fears, desires, and struggles in a safe environment.

  5. Receive encouragement, guidance and companionship.

  6. Get spiritually unstuck

  7. Discover your purpose and calling in life

  8. Learn to live from the Inside-Out instead of the Outside-In.

  9. Become who you were designed to be.

  10. Learn how to live in peace and harmony with yourself and others.

Let's make it happen!

Are you ready to enter into

Spiritual Companionship? 

If so....


You and I will arrange an initial meeting to determine if we are a good match.

Then, if we both agree that we are compatible and ready to move forward we will agree upon a time each month to meet for one hour.  (In times of crisis, we may agree to meet more often.)

Meetings take place via Phone, Facetime, or Zoom, during the Pandemic.

Fees for Spiritual Companionship are based on a sliding scale: $55-$85 per hour.   

Spiritual Companion

What is a Spiritual Companion?


A Spiritual Companion, is a trained or experienced companion who uses deep listening to encourage the spiritual story of the other to unfurl. Through this relationship, the person seeking companionship is empowered to explore a deeper experience of God, Allah, Tao, The Universe, or however one may refer to the ground of all being and, at the same time, enjoy a deeper experience of their own life.


I was trained as a Spiritual Director.  However, as we learned on the first day of our certification program, we already were "who" we needed to be. No amount of training can make someone a spiritual director or a spiritual companion.  It is a part of my DNA, so to speak. With that said, I choose to call myself a Spiritual Companion, which I find a more accurate description of what I offer. (I am not "directing" anything.)


For years I have facilitated spiritual groups and have had the pleasure of walking with others as they asked the tough questions and explored the deep longings of the heart. 


I offer myself as a one-on-one Spiritual Companion.   I know from my own personal journey the gift of having someone in my life with whom I can explore and discover my True Essence.  A place where I can be curious and be heard by someone who is experienced and  been on the path of "unfolding", themselves.  Never were we supposed to do this thing called life on our own.  We were made to share this journey called, "life".  Are you ready?  Now is the the time!  I would love nothing more than to accompany you on your path.


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